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Services for Authors

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I’ve helped published and pre-published authors:

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I’ve spent the past 15 years immersed in storytelling craft from all sides: author, editor, teacher, industry nerd, and fangirl. I received my MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame and because I couldn’t get enough, I doubled up on classes for a dual degree in both Poetry and Fiction. I’ve been through the querying gauntlet more than once, and understand the dogged determination, creative energy, and boundless curiosity needed to sustain a creative life. In the past five years, I have published four critically acclaimed novels with Macmillan/FSG Books for Young Readers and I love helping other writers achieve their storytelling dreams.

I am an absolute story geek, and I excel at looking at manuscripts from both a craft and industry angle. YOUR vision and characters are the heart of your story…but you also need strong structure, stakes, and emotional impact to connect with readers (and, realistically, gatekeepers).

If your goal is to be traditionally published (particularly in children’s books), my successful Big 4 experiences can help you avoid pitfalls and give you insider knowledge about current market realities while always staying true to the heart and soul of your story–your true north.

If your goal is self-publishing*, I can be the editorial eye you need to make sure your final product is a well-crafted jewel box that will grab readers’ hearts and minds and carry them all the way through to a satisfying ending.

I’ve worked with critically acclaimed authors including Ann Braden (middle grade), Shana Youngdahl (middle grade), and Anna Vodicka (adult memoir and creative non-fiction) as well as with other talented authors of middle grade novels, contemporary adult fiction, YA adventure, and fantasy series who are on their way to publication—I can’t wait for you to read their work someday! References available on request.

Genres I’m not a great fit for: horror, thrillers, steamy romance.

*I’m not an expert on HOW to self-publish. I can help get your manuscript ready for the journey, but if you need advice about how and where to self-publish or promote, I suggest you consult another source like BookBaby or Jane Friedman.

Manuscript Critique

Develop the heart, structure, and stakes of your story! We'll discuss your goals, then I'll critique your manuscript, providing you with a 2-page editorial letter as well as in-line notes throughout your document. This developmental edit is all about the big picture: I'll help you find ways to bring out the emotional core, let your characters drive the story, and keep readers engaged until the very end.

Typical turn-around time: 2 weeks

$1600 for first 50,000 words
$250 for each additional 5000 words
(based on an estimated $70/hour)



(optional) STEP 3: FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION –> $100

Query & First 10 Pages Critique

First of all: I've been there! I've had two agents so far in my career, and I found both of them the old-fashioned way. By cold-emailing a query letter and first 10 pages. Making your way out of the slush pile is not an easy task, but I am living, breathing proof that it CAN be done! Twice! If you dream of being traditionally published, a well-crafted query and a tight 10-page sample can be your ticket past the first round of gatekeepers. I'd love to help you get there!

Typical turn-around time: 1 week




Creative Coaching Package

Do you need an organizational boost? I can help you build an outline, clarify goals, develop systems that streamline your process, and suggest tools to help you stay on track. This 5-session package is designed to identify and target your own personal creative pain points and give you an action plan (and accountability) for alleviating them. Every writer is unique, and we will work together to find solutions that fit your process and your individual needs.

5 sessions


Creative Coaching:
Single Session

Sometimes you just need to talk it over with someone who's been through it before. Whether you are struggling with a specific story problem, time management, or this roller coaster creative life, I'm here to talk it through and give you practical tips and tools to help you find your way. I look forward to supporting your creative work!

1 hour consultation


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