A Kirkus Star for HEROES!

Not All Heroes Zinnia

I was floored to see that Not All Heroes received a star from Kirkus Reviews this week! Of course, I always tell myself that if I’ve put my heart into it and if I wrote the book I wanted to write, it doesn’t matter what the reviews say. Still, I have to admit it’s super gratifying when a reader really gets what you were trying to accomplish with a piece of fiction! I feel so lucky that this reviewer connected with Zinnia’s journey and felt like all the threads worked AND that it was fun!

“With its clear, accessible writing, this suspenseful story masterfully juggles many topics: grief; self-assurance; the need for individual, collective, and systemic approaches to ableism, poverty, and other social ills; and the fine line between ‘extreme altruism’ and self-aggrandizement. Never preachy, the story includes a suspenseful and satisfying climax involving a ring of coffee shop thieves, with every thread satisfyingly resolved.”

I’ve printed this one and taped it up to my wall so I can look at it on days when I’m not feeling up to the task. 😉

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