A Dog-Friendly Paperback!

A Dog-Friendly Town paperback with Saint Bernard close up

A Dog-Friendly Town is out in paperback today with a fresh new cover design by the talented Xindi Yan! I love that Sir Bentley, canine celebrity (and owner of the missing jewels!) is front and center on the new cover. It makes me smile every time I look at it. As a kid, I loved the feel of a new paperback in my hands (still do!) and I’m so excited for readers to experience that with my pup-filled mystery!

3 starred reviews for A Dog-Friendly Town

Gift Ideas for Tinkerers

Spotlight Dog Friendly Town

In my email newsletter this month, I shared some gift ideas for kids (of all ages) who like to make things. Creating, building, and experimenting are important life skills that help us become good problem solvers (and they are an excellent way to pass the time during a winter pandemic). In my newest book, A Dog-Friendly Town, the McDade siblings love to tinker. Epic’s always experimenting with a circuit or a gadget, Rondo has a stash of homemade detective tools, and Elvis loves to create art and her own yoga moves!

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